Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Snapshot of SA Cohort

Who are the South African cohort members? Where do they come from? How do they feel about nursing issues?

All the questionnaires completed by the members of the South African cohort have been captured, so we are now able to present a brief snapshot of this group.This can be compared with the information on the Thai cohort, which was recently published on this blog.

Of the 377 South African cohort members, 323 (86%) are women and 54 (14%) men. The mean age of the South African cohort is 31 years. This is much higher than Thailand, where the average age of the cohort members is only about 22 years. In Thailand the oldest cohort member is 25 years of age. Here in South Africa, our oldest cohort member is 56 years old and 266 (71%) cohort members are over 25 years.

An overwhelming majority of the South African cohort members were born in three provinces: Gauteng (40%), North West (34%) and Limpopo (9.5%). The map below shows all the provinces of South Africa and the percentage of the cohort born in each of the provinces.

The cohort members described their places of birth as follows: towns (37%), relatively rural areas (36%), cities (15%) and very rural areas (11%).

Just over 110 South African cohort members indicated that they were married or in relationships with long-term partners. 120 said they had 1 child, 74 reported having 2 children and a further 26 indicated they had 3 children. Again, this is very different from Thailand where none of the cohort members had started their own families at the time of data collection.

This is all the information we have for now. Over the next few months the data will be analysed in great detail, after which more information will be made available.

On that note, we wish you a great festive season and a happy 2009! We will hopefully be in touch with all of you early in the new year.