Friday, August 28, 2009

Habari from kenya

Hi, subsequent to the recruitment of cohort members last year, 244 members have done and passed their Nursing Council Examinations and are registered nurses. Congratulations! 203(81%) are currently working as nurses while 41 are looking for employment. These are some of the comments they expressed:

Greetings from Kenya:

Hi to all of you- Rose Muriuki, Nairobi.

Hi, continue working hard- Evelyn Mathenge, Muranga.

Hi, work hard- Purity Muthoni, Muranga.

Hope you are continuing well, keep in touch- Milcah Mbaluka, Nairobi.

How are you all doing and keep in touch, remember the purpose of the research we were doing- Dorcas Maiyo, Nairobi.

I miss them all- Elizabeth Wanjiru, Kakamega.

I wish them all the best in life and encourage them to work hard- Gloria Zalo, Muranga.

I wish them all the best in life and to get good jobs- Catherine Mwaniki, Nairobi.

I wish them all the best in their job search- Huka Wako, Meru.
I wish you the best in life- Gladys Kimondo, Nairobi.

Greetings all, I wish you the best in your job search- Grace Musenya, Nairobi.
Expectations for the future:

A lot of things have changed since we left school; the expectations that I had have been lowered, I never thought I would find myself working in a rural health centre, but I am here, doing my best- Margaret Kimathi, Nairobi.

Aim higher to further your studies- Catherine Galgitele, Meru.

Be innovative in your profession it is one of the ways to succeed- James Kibugi, Kakamega.

Be strong, even when times are hard- Dorcas Wanyonyi, Muranga.
Encouraging thoughts:

Congratulations on passing the examinations and keep working hard- Hebert Ochieng’ Kakamega.

Congratulations to those who have jobs, and don’t give up- Meridah Mwania, Muranga.

Continue working hard- Judy Gisemba, Muranga.

Continue doing the best that we can as nurses and our labor will be rewarded- Emmanuel Ng’etich, Kakamega.

Continue doing the good things you do- Joachim Mutunga, Nairobi.

Continue to work hard and go back to further your studies- Rachel Gakii, Meru.

Continue to work hard even when circumstances are difficult- Lucy Kamina, Nairobi.

Continue with the nursing practice but for those who are young, go outside the country to see what happening there- Gaudencia Onyango, Nairobi.

Continue working hard- Edwin Rutto, Kakamega.

Continue working hard and keep in touch- Dennis Ndeile, Meru.

Don’t give up, apply for all jobs and keep working hard- Comfort Maina, Nairobi.

Encourage them to continue participating- Duba Guyo, Nairobi.

Encourage them to continue working hard- Henry Muriithi, Nairobi.

Encourage them to work hard to achieve their very best- Lillian Kaphidher, Kakamega.

Encourage them to work hard, and inform them that I have not been employed yet so if they hear of any vacancies to inform me- Catherine Naliaka, Nairobi. Keep on trying and make the best of your opportunities- Elijah Oduor, Kakamega.

Keep working within the nursing career because that is what we applied for- Abel Arumba, Muranga.

Let’s gear towards the goal of serving our patients to the best of our ability- Symon Shitemi, Nairobi.

Have a positive attitude towards work and struggle for patient satisfaction- Belliah Atemba, Kakamega.

Have an open mind and strive to get further than we are at the moment as nurses- Elisabeth Opee, Nairobi.

If they have a job they should continue attending to patients’ well- Magdalene Muli, Muranga.

Enthusiasm for the Cohort study:

Encourage them to participate positively and tell of their situations because you never know what can happen- Roselyne Asiko, Kakamega.

It is good to be in a group like this one where we explore issues and encourage one another- Nicholas Ng’etich.

Keep checking the website to see what is going on- Peter Muiruri, Muranga.

Keep helping our patients and keep in touch- Mildred Juma, Kakamega.

Keep in touch- Cynthia Ndumbu, Nairobi.

Keep in touch and keep working in the nursing profession- Ann Warui, Muranga.

Keep in touch I would like to know the challenges you are facing at your work place- Maxwell Wakarindi, Muranga.

Keep in touch- Mary Mueni, Muranga.

Meet all of you at the October meeting- John Nyabera, Kakamega.

Nothing is impossible if you work hard, it is good to participate in programs such as this- Emmanuel Sigei, Kakamega.

Words of wisdom:

Nursing is the best profession ever- Nancy Muskoyo, Kakamega.

To achieve your dreams you have to work hard; we should also remember that we did nursing and it is our calling to alleviate human suffering- Emily Ayanga, Kakamega.

We have not yet reached the top; this is just a stepping stone to put more effort and get degrees- Elisabeth Kibaara, Muranga.