Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Cohort Study just started in Kenya

The official beginning of the cohort study in the third country, Kenya took place yesterday. 55 final year nursing students from the Nairobi Medical Training College (MTC) actively took part in baseline data collection activities during several hours.

Refreshments were ready to help the students through all the data collection tools, and in the end, everybody seemed quite happy to have participated !

Those 55 students from Nairobi MTC are the first members of the Kenyan cohort, but they should soon be joined by others.

Early next week, more data collection at the Nairobi MTC will take place to include distance learning students. Soon after, other MTCs outside of Nairobi will also be visited, and more Kenyan nursing students will join their South African and Thai colleagues as CREHS cohort members!

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